Game Changers

Coming March 30th, the Game Changers report will provide Cassandra members with the new rule book for engaging with Millennials and Gen Z around sports fandom today. The sports market is projected to reach $73.5 billion by 2019 in North America alone, yet brands are still missing the mark with young generations of fans. Youth are often pinned as losing interest in the category, when, in reality, they are ushering in the “Democratization of Sports,” breaking down the monopolies in this highly traditional category and revealing huge opportunities for brands.

A new set of rules


  • eSports is rivaling and will eventually outpace traditional sports among the Millennial and Gen Z audience.

  • Data is disrupting how the game is played and enjoyed, as well as how brands can help young people engage in modern fandom; companies need to capture and leverage fan data to tap into this growing trend.

  • A significant number of athletes are embracing their newfound political power, forever changing the implications of brand sponsorships and involvement.

See for yourself:

Many brands and marketers have a misconception that modern youth are less interested in sports than past generations due to declining TV viewership and attendance, yet youth themselves demonstrate that sports play a key role in many aspects of their lives.

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Attribute Total Youth Youth Gender Youth Age Total Trendsetters Total Youth Youth Gender Youth Age Total Trendsetters
U.S. Youth U.S. Men U.S. Women U.S. 14-19 U.S. 20-34 U.S. Trendsetters UK Youth UK Men UK Women UK 14-19 UK 20-34 UK Trendsetters
Youth believe sports are an important part of pop culture today 75% 77% 72% 70% 76% 94% 74% 79% 70% 75% 74% 92%
Young adults say playing sports has a positive impact on one's career growth 55% 72% 52% 71%
Youth are most commonly using Facebook to stay up-to-date on sports 57% 76% 56% 81%

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