New earthen ingredients captivate the beauty industry

For those turned off by the idea of gluing flowers to their face, there's another way to incorporate the natural world into their beauty routine. Earthly ingredients are becoming the 'it' grooming ingredients of 2018, reminiscent of the Beauty Bites trend.


As the 'it' hair trend has evolved from jojoba and coconut oil, plum oil has been called the new superhero by beauty insiders. Using dried plums in beauty originated hundreds of years ago in the Caucasus region of Western Asia, and now, products like Le Prunier's Plum Beauty Oil claims to leave hair eight times stronger than argan oil. This oil, however, provides more bang for its buck by also benefiting the skin. The oil claims to balance, restore, and refresh hair and skin with omega fatty acids and powerful vitamins, like vitamins A and E, which assist with healing and hydration. It’s more or less the oil to end all oils and can also be found in products like the LOLI Plum Elixir.


Similar to the activated charcoal trend, Volcanic Ash touts its purification and cleaning qualities, as well as its affordability as a beauty enhancer. Mother Nature's natural skin purifier is rich in minerals, and its exfoliating properties make it is ideal for removing the dead outer layers of skin as it cleanses. The ash does not dissolve in water and thus makes for a fantastic, mild exfoliator. Among its more provocative claims, the high amount of sulphur in the ash enables it to slow down the aging process because of its ability to protect against the toxic effects of pollution and radiation.


Strictly speaking, using succulents to treat skin isn’t new. Who hasn't slathered aloe vera on a sunburn? But in light of several studies that support the treatment of medicinal plants, beauty brands are ramping up their interest in these ingredients. Among emerging ingredients like pure succulent extract and cactus collagen, prickly pear seed oil is "one of the most expensive and precious ingredients on the market right now” as it purports to help with fine lines and wrinkles, absorbs quickly, tightens pores, brightens dark spots, and creates a radiant, glowing look and feel to the skin. For DIYers, however, keep in mind that prickly pear spines are deceptively fuzzy.