Teens and young adults adopt the basics of beauty

The biggest trend in makeup? It might just be not wearing any. Amid the pandemic, some Gen Z and Millennials adopted a more casual approach to skincare and beauty, which has redefined their relationship with their everyday routines. Asking questions like, how many products do I actually need? Is this routine really for me or am I doing it because that’s what society expects of me? In the name of “skinimalism,” many are ditching their dozens of products and adopting a more minimalist, intuitive, and intentional approach to beauty. Read below to learn more about this trend.


A core aspect of skinimalism is the use of fewer products, appealing to young people as it’s more affordable, anti-materialist, and environmentally friendly. Aiming for fewer than 4-product routines, consumers are now increasingly seeking items that serve multiple purposes. A leader in the skinimalism space, Unbranded Skincare Co. creates products that meet this consumer desire for multifunctionality. The brand’s Day Shield is a multi-purpose sunscreen that also includes a toner, serum primer, essence, and moisturizer. The brand explains, “skincare can and should be a whole lot simpler… skinimalism embraces and recognizes healthy skin as the primary ingredient of beauty.”


According to Pinterest, a pioneer of the skinimalism trend, consumers will adopt an approach of “slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through” through the use of fewer products. This inspires Gen Z and Millennials to embrace their own unique beauty, including their unique imperfections such as scars and acne. Another benefit of skinimalism is that it isn’t just efficient, but it’s also effective. With the use of fewer products, some consumers are actually improving the health of their skin thanks to this trend.


With this newfound minimalist approach, young people are turning to simple DIY techniques to support their skin. TikTok influencer and facial yoga skincare expert @allyoucanface provides tutorials on simple skincare and sculpting facial muscles. With nearly 675k followers, it’s clear this content and the skinimalism trend connects with young people.