Big-box retailers reimagine the beauty experience

What now sounds unthinkable; it’s been almost eighteen months since customers could walk maskless into beauty stores, dip fingers in open blushes, and rub different colors all over their faces. The beauty retail experience has been disrupted, and big retail is stepping in and innovating the beauty buying of tomorrow. Below, we’re highlighting three big-box retailers that are priming their faces for the full coverage of their new beauty industry partners.


Walmart beauty goes indie and focuses on bringing emerging brands to its customers. Meeting beauty brands where they’re at, Walmart literally slid into Sharon Chuter’s DM’s to create their partnership. Chuter’s Black founded beauty brand, UOMA, focuses on accessibility- not the “prestige market”- aligning perfectly with Walmart’s beauty mission. Prioritizing Gen Z, Walmart’s new beauty strategy brings in other exciting indie brands to help get consumers excited about their latest beauty options.


Leaning into store-in-store experiences, you can now find Sephora inside Kohl’s. Working on expanding to 850 locations by 2023, their partnership hopes to elevate Kohl’s offerings while providing a “prestige beauty experience” that includes Sephora-trained beauty experts. We checked the most important question, and yes, purchases made inside the Sephora x Kohl’s will feed into benefits for both stores' retail programs! These double whammy benefits are a huge bonus to money-conscientious Gen Z.


Last Month, Target and Ulta also launched their own store-in-store retail experience. Merging Ulta’s “industry authority” and Target’s “beloved experience,” the partnership boasts a focus on meaningful shopping. Noting a shift in consumer’s buying habits, Target and Ulta are looking to “create a disruptive, exciting way to discover prestige beauty.” Shoppers can now check which Target locations have the Ulta beauty counters equipped with trained beauty experts. Get ready for Target-obsessed Gen Z and Millennials, who love convenience, to get even more excited for their next Target run.