A second high-level look at our Burnout Report

Cassandra’s Q3 Burnout Report went live exactly three weeks ago. For subscribers to the Daily who aren’t yet Cassandra members, we’re providing a second teaser (first teaser is here) of the content contained in this fascinating report. For the Burnout Report, we looked at how shifts in society and the economy, as well as the 24/7 aspect of modern life, have created a culture different from that of previous generations—one in which burnout seems inevitable. Below is a sneak peak of some of our findings.


  • Young people today are overstimulated and burnt out, and they're seeking refuge in “contentless content” that lets them zone out.

  • 59% of youth in the U.S. and 53% of youth in the UK say they prefer entertainment that's mindless or just for fun, as opposed to something that's educational.

  • As young people gravitate toward entertainment that helps them relax and recharge, it's important for brands to create ads and messaging that complement that content and aren't contributing to youths’ burnout.


  • Modern youth are using their downtime to recuperate from the feelings of depletion they experience as a result of burnout, but their amount of free time, when it occurs, and what they choose to do with it varies from generation to generation.
  • 54% of Ys in the U.S. and 51% in the UK prefer to be productive during their free time.

  • 58% of Zs from the U.S. and 55% from the UK prefer to have down time in their free time.

  • Brands across all verticals should understand the landscape of modern youth’s time and how they choose to spend it in order to create messaging and content that reaches them when they have the mental capacity, as well as support them during the hours in which they’re trying to recover from burnout.


  • Youth experience near constant stimulation driven by media content, cell phone notifications, and a barrage of ads, leaving youth to feel that life becomes an endless queue that's impossible to catch up on.
  • Six in 10 U.S. youth and seven in 10 UK youth say it’s difficult to have downtime.

  • It's never been more important for brands to position themselves as an antidote to overstimulation, not part of the bigger problem.

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