The latest trends in travel and beyond

Today, we released our May report to Cassandra members, Are We There Yet? This phrase conjures up images of restless kids squirming in a car’s backseat. Yet in May of 2021, this can mean so much more. Are we coming out of the pandemic? Are we starting to get “back to normal”? And, on the eve of the Memorial Day weekend, are we ready to travel this Hot Vax Summer? Understanding how Gen Zs and Millennials are thinking about the upcoming summer travel season is not only instructive when considering these cohorts, but helps provide insight on the future of the category as a whole. But thinking about travel isn’t only relevant to those in the hospitality industry. Below, we look at how the emergent trends we are seeing in the travel space show up in other, non-adjacent categories.


Tapping into consumers' cravings to unplug and reconnect with nature, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company is currently running an OOO Sweepstakes giving away a 1-month nature getaway. Calling on the want to “run for the mountains” that many have expressed, they’re leaning into nature’s call and giving back to their customers. To win the sweepstake, participants must submit a 1-minute video explaining why they want to slow down, spend time in nature, and try new things. Including weekly nature experiences and a $1,000 gift card to their brewpubs, submissions are being accepted till the end of May.


Pottery Barn proves brands beyond the travel industry can recognize the aspirational importance of travel today. The brand recently partnered with Airstream to create luxury camp decorations that focus on–wait for it - home. Leaning into consumers' longings to feel present and connected when traveling, the collection includes "Always Home" pillows, luxury material minimizing cleaning and maximizing being present in the moment, and picnic backpacks packed with supplies for the whole family. Acknowledging the importance of reconnecting through travel, this travel-themed product line sparks memories of family and friends many consumers long for on their next trip.


E!’s new four-part special event, “Reunion Road Trip” continues with our travel examples by reconnecting viewers with stars from the past, while reminiscing on the impact their shows had on society and pop culture. Mixing both road trip hype, the desire for reconnecting, and a nostalgic look back at viewers' favorite T.V. personalities, this series is sure to resonate with young people. Premiering June 10th, viewers can expect to see their favorite stars from shows like “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and “Scrubs” get behind the wheel.

Available exclusively to Cassandra Report members, Are We There Yet? explores new attitudes and emerging behaviors about travel and uncovers the why, when, how & where of travel today. For additional information about this report and how to become a Cassandra Member, please contact michael.corti@cassandra.co or visit us here.

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