Cassandra’s perspective on the automotive industry of tomorrow

Just in time for any road trips over the Labor Day weekend, today Cassandra releases our August 2021 report, Transport(n)ation–an analysis of the evolving transportation journey. Tackling innovations around sustainability, the car-buying process and autonomous vehicles, this report examines the transportation needs of Gen Z and Millennials today and tomorrow. Buckle up for a few examples that we highlight in our comprehensive report!


Newly announced, Uber Green, is a low-emission ride-share, connecting consumers with hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Each Uber Green ride produces at least 25% less carbon emissions than an average ride, which for many will be worth the $1 upcharge. Half of this fee goes towards the Green Future program, helping “hundreds of thousands of other drivers transition to battery electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025.” Given that Gen Z sees sustainable cars as the standard and as less of a status symbol, green ride-share options aren’t worth the hype, but Millennials are… we’ll just say… electrified about this news.


Following three years of testing, Alphabet’s Waymo just launched their self-driving taxi service in San Francisco. According to TechCrunch, this is the “first fully autonomous ride-hailing option available in the app.” While anyone can sign up for the app, the company will be hand selecting who it picks up in this first phase and concentrating on sending out their fleet of all-electric Jaguar I-Pace vehicles into residential parts of the city. Unlike previous autonomous car launches by the company, today’s robo-taxis will have a safety driver on board to help assist with any issues. Waymo expects to expand their passenger access to hundreds of people and refine their services through this experience.


Nissan wants consumers to know they can “SHOP, DRIVE, and BUY a new Nissan anytime, anywhere.” Thanks to their new online sales platform, Nissan@Home, consumers can book a test drive, purchase, receive delivery, and a schedule service needs right from the comfort of their home. Dan Mohnke, Nissan’s vice president for e-commerce explained to The New York Times, “It’s clear that the younger generations want to do more [car shopping] online, and Gen Z even more than millennials… We are using it for a brand differentiator of Nissan.” Sales have soared since this option has been available.

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