Cassandra’s perspective the changing face of finance

Today, Cassandra released our September report, Banking on Tomorrow to our membership clients. In this report, we examine all things related to personal finance and what it looks like for today’s Gen Zs and Millennials. Going beyond today’s buzzwords of crypto and NFTs, we dig into fundamental trends and drivers, like what are their biggest financial worries today? What do they want to learn in hopes of achieving financial literacy? And how have life’s hurdles distinctly shaped these generations? Who do they trust for advice on their money? What do brands need to know about these new rules to help create loyal customers today, as well as tomorrow? Below, we highlight some of the brands and ideas that are innovating in this space today.


Some historically Black colleges and universities are cutting down on debt for students, thanks to federal funding and private donations. Clark Atlanta University was one of the first HBCU’s in the country to use pandemic relief aid to clear student account balances, not just for tuition but also to cover dining and residence hall costs. This initiative encourages students to apply for school and gives them a fresh financial start when they leave. CAU President George T. French Jr. explained, “We are reinventing the college experience… so that our students can graduate nearly debt free.”


Millennial activist Amira Yahyaoui is guiding students into the “first years of adulting.” Her new fintech startup, Mos, allows students to open bank accounts, learn about and access financial aid and scholarship opportunities, manage their savings and investments, and pay friends instantly. The app aims to partner with Gen Z throughout their life journey, from paying for college and building credit to securing their first job and taking out a home mortgage loan–which Yahyaoui hopes will make this into a “financial super app.” Currently, about 400k students use the platform.


With platforms like GameFlip or G2G selling items for over $7k, there’s an opportunity for investment and revenue with certain video games like World of Warcraft, Fortnite and others. Even while most of the actual games don’t offer an internal marketplace, savvy gamers have found a way to make transactions and treasure rare items to eventually make a significant profit. With some of them even offering their own cryptocurrency-based transactions.

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