Budding Pot-ential

Startups test the market for marijuana delivery

Support for the legalization of marijuana is growing in light of a recent report that revealed it to be the safest recreational drug. In states where it’s legal, entrepreneurs are already cashing in on young consumers’ accepting attitudes towards the plant, and new cannabis companies seeking to become the “Uber of pot” are now emerging at a rapid rate.

031115-1Eaze: The parents of Eaze founder Keith McCarty accused their son of becoming a glorified drug dealer when he first pitched them his idea: an Uber-like medical marijuana delivery service with an app that alerts users when their order is set to arrive at their door. Fortunately for the residents of San Francisco, they eventually supported his plan. McCarty’s startup reportedly received orders from more than 500 customers within the first two weeks of launching, and this past November, it raised $1.5 million to expand into to other California cities and, eventually, fellow states that allow pot use both medically and recreationally.

031115-2Meadow: Eaze’s biggest (legal) competitor is arguably Meadow, a San Francisco-based marijuana delivery startup that launched back in October. The fledgling company recently received a major stamp of approval in the form of backing from Y Combinator, one of the most prestigious seed accelerators. In a shrewd power move this February, it announced the launch of a new service called CannabisMD, which sends a licensed doctor on house calls to Meadow users’ homes where they can perform professional evaluations and provide the documentation required to qualify for a medical marijuana card in the state of California.

031115-3Canary: Burgeoning cannabis companies are proving to be a controversial topic outside the progressive confines of California. The launch of Canary, currently in beta in Seattle, has caused some locals to question the legality of the service, not to mention its timing.  It made its offerings available to residents this January, exactly one month after Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s office announced it would begin cracking down on marijuana delivery. Whether Canary will suffer the same fate as L.A.'s Nestdrop remains to be seen, but in the meantime, it’s hoping to distinguish itself from competitors by including the added convenience of “munchies” delivery.