Meet Your Match

New apps help users find their ideal roommates

As many Gen Ys are underemployed, saddled with debt, and in no rush to get married, they’re more likely than previous generations of twentysomethings to have roommates. However, finding someone to live with can be challenging, particularly in terms of compatibility. Social media and Craigslist help with the search process, but new services improve the experience, serving as matchmakers for potential roommates.

032415-1LeaseBuddies: Roommate horror stories are all too common, but forthcoming service LeaseBuddies seeks to reduce the likelihood of such occurrences. Users looking to share a living space simply create a profile detailing their respective rent budgets, quiet hours needed, cleaning habits, general level of introversion or extroversion, and interests. They can then see all matches, along with a pros and cons list for each potential roommate. Individuals can chat in the app to see if they’d get along prior to meeting, providing them with some peace of mind. The service, modeled after online dating apps, will launch in Austin later this spring.

032415-2MatchPad: Individuals looking for a roommate and an apartment in NYC or LA can streamline their search with MatchPad. The platform asks users numerous questions, from price and location preferences to culinary habits and if they have a significant other. Users receive roommate matches and apartment listings, which they can pin. MatchPad even hosts matchmaking events at bars, as do a number of similar services, to provide a safe and social atmosphere for potential roommates to meet. Its creators plan to expand the program to other cities, with the service garnering revenue from real estate agents who pay to have their properties listed.

032415-3Roomidex: Some young adults choose to live with roommates for social reasons, rather than out of financial necessity. Roomidex caters to those who don’t want to live with a total stranger and presumably want to be close pals with their roommate(s) by leveraging their Facebook connections to find friends and friends of friends who also need someone to live with. Users can search by preferences, such as rent, move-in month, neighborhood, gender, and school. Currently, Roomidex only matches individuals in NYC and SF, but has plans to serve other cities soon.