Now Available: The Winter/Spring 2015 Cassandra Report

The Gen Z Issue

033015-4Since 1999, The Cassandra Report has been the leading ongoing study of youth culture in North America, a manifestation of our vigorous efforts to help spark new thinking and foster innovation among brands. The report uncovers emerging trends in popular culture, and reveals what marketers need to know about why young people live, think, and act the way they do. The new Winter/Spring 2015 Cassandra Report: GEN Z contains critical insights from our latest research on the next generation of youth and practical implications for how to engage them Key themes in this report include:
  • Zs’ perception that they are a Work in Progress; they feel they’ll never be done progressing in life, even as they grow older. To Zs, the work they put in is as much a reward as the result itself.
  • The rise of a ProPlay mindset, as Zs are taking a professional approach to the activities enjoyed in their free time, which is informing their future careers.
  • An introduction to The Fail, in which Zs see failure not as a negative, but rather as an opportunity to learn, reset, and try again.
  • Zs’ desire to be part of a Feedback Loop, in which they seek critical, honest feedback in order to continually improve themselves, while also regularly sharing their opinions with other people and brands.
As in every edition of The Cassandra Report, you’ll also find a wealth of trends, data, marketing implications, and examples of best practices. NOTE: Each new subscriber will receive one new pre-loaded iPad Air on which to experience the app, compliments of Cassandra. To inquire about cost and further details, please contact Taylor Clark at info@cassandra.co.