Wake and Bake

Marijuana-infused drinks reflect modern coffee culture

Marijuana, once widely regarded as the crutch of burnouts, has become increasingly accepted among Millennials of late. Entrepreneurs are rebranding the plant as a legitimate lifestyle product, creating everything from Uber-like pot delivery services to cannabis cuisine to meet contemporary consumers’ desires. Now, further reflecting the mainstreaming of marijuana, cannabis-infused coffee is being reimagined in modern formats, including pods and pour-over.

060315-1Catapult: Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop delighted Seattleites when it began selling single-serve pods of Catapult coffee, each of which contains 10 mg of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. At $10/pod, they don’t come cheap, but sales remain high (no pun intended). Indeed, the Vancouver-based company behind the creation, Fairwinds Manufacturing, reports that the pods account for 60% of its business. For those questioning the somewhat counterintuitive combination of caffeine and cannabis, Uncle Ike’s sales manager had this to say about the blend: “I liken it to a Red Bull and vodka. I had more energy, but I still had the relaxation you get from cannabis.”

060315-2House of Jane: California’s House of Jane offers four varieties of cannabis-infused K-cups: dark roast, medium roast, decaf and mocha café. The company also sells more traditionally packaged marijuana coffees, teas and even mint hot cocoa, the latter of which recently won an award for “Best Edible” at the 2015 HempCon festival in California, one of the world’s largest medical marijuana trade shows. Additionally, the brand took home a “Connoisseur’s Choice” award for its French vanilla creamer, and it will reportedly be following up on its recent successes by releasing another cannabis product that reflects mass coffee culture: the cannabis-infused Frappuccino.

060315-3Trichome: First came Mirth Provisions’ weed-infused cold brew; now, weed-infused Bulletproof-style coffee is having a moment. Trichome, a cannabis lifestyle shop in Seattle that has been experimenting with the concept of a marijuana café, introduced a pour-over coffee blended with weed-infused butter and medium chain triglyceride oil – with virtually no cannabis flavor in the final brew. The concoction draws inspiration from Silicon Valley investor and lifestyle guru Dave Asprey’s trendy Bulletproof Coffee brand, which is opening its own café in Los Angeles even as it faces criticism from the health and wellness community.