Package Deal

Fast food restaurants provide dual-Purpose takeout paraphernalia

As a highly eco-conscious generation, Millennials constantly seek to reduce waste. According to The Cassandra Report, 54% of 14- to 34-year-olds are annoyed when products have excessive packaging, and the majority values brands who are innovative with their packaging and design. To make their takeout containers and wrappings more useful, fast food companies are creating bags, trays, and boxes that serve multiple purposes.

061615-1McDonald’s “BagTray”: Eating fast food is messy, especially because takeaway customers rarely have a sturdy place to dine after removing their food from the bag. Patrons are all too familiar with getting grease stains on their clothes or dropping fries on the car floor while in transit. Recognizing these frustrations, DDB Budapest and McDonald’s Hungary created the BagTray, which functions as both a carryout bag and a durable serving tray. Customers tear off a tab at the bottom of the paper bag and pull off the top; they’re left with a surface made from reinforced cardboard that can support even large meals without collapsing.

061615-2KFC’s Tray Typer: Eating while using one’s phone is a daily challenge for tech-addicted Millennials that usually results in a grimy device. KFC Germany offers a solution with the Tray Typer, a durable paper tray that transforms into a thin, rechargeable wireless keyboard when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Last month, customers were given the keyboard during a weeklong promotion, which was so successful that every person took their tray home to clean and reuse. This isn’t the restaurant’s first foray into digital devices: last year, KFC Japan created a keyboard, mouse, and USB stick, all shaped like pieces of fried chicken.

061615-3Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s Blockbuster Box: Getting dinner and a movie is easier than ever thanks to Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s Blockbuster Box, a pizza box that doubles as a phone-powered film projector. The tiny pizza table inside each cardboard container features a lens. Customers simply punch a hole, place the lens inside, and prop their smartphone inside the packaging. The lens magnifies their phone’s display and projects it onto a nearby wall. Each box comes with a QR code for users to download a free movie that corresponds to the theme of their box: “Fully Loaded” (action), “Slice Night” (horror), “Hot & Ready” (romance), and “Anchovy Armageddon” (sci-fi).