Now Available: The Spring/Summer 2015 Cassandra Report

The Body Mind Soul Issue

digital-promo4Since 1999, The Cassandra Report has been the leading ongoing study of youth culture in North America, a manifestation of our vigorous efforts to help spark new thinking and foster innovation among brands. The report uncovers emerging trends in popular culture, and reveals what marketers need to know about why young people live, think, and act the way they do. The Spring/Summer 2015 Cassandra Report: Body Mind Soul contains critical insights from our latest research on young consumers’ relationship with health and wellness, and practical applications for how to engage them—across all categories— in this increasingly significant area of their lives. Key themes in this report include:
  • Young people’s desire to be Well Rounded, as they strive to achieve balance, rather than absolute perfection, across the three wellness pillars of body, mind, and soul.
  • An introduction to the new WELLth Investors, who are focusing their spending on areas with long-term wellness gains not only to save on medical bills tomorrow but also to better their social lives and society as a whole.
  • Young generations’ establishment of The Community Well, as they approach wellness with the new purpose of gaining a sense of belonging and supporting the group, rather than just to improve their personal health.
  • A rising aspiration to achieve Presence of Mind, a wholly focused, in-the-moment understanding of the self and one’s surrounding environment.
As in every edition of The Cassandra Report, you’ll also find a wealth of trends, data, marketing implications, and examples of best practices. To inquire about cost and further details, please contact Taylor Clark at info@cassandra.co.