Cassandra Report Digest: Gen Ys Prioritize Wellness When Traveling

Research and insights from the latest Cassandra Report

As wellness is top of mind for Gen Ys, they expect to maintain or enhance their healthy habits when traveling. They don’t see wellness as simply a sector of their lives; rather, it’s a lifestyle, so they seek travel experiences that accommodate their efforts. As addressed in the Cassandra Report: Body Mind Soul, they’re increasingly seeking trips that promote health and position them alongside people who share their passion. 

072815-1EVEN Hotels: With more than half of 19- to 35-year-olds interested in going on a wellness-related vacation, there’s a growing market for hotels specifically devoted to enhancing health. InterContinental Hotels Group has recognized consumer demand, and last summer, it launched EVEN Hotels, its offshoot brand centered on holistic wellness, with locations in Connecticut, Maryland, and soon, NYC. The company ensures that guests won’t leave their healthy habits at home since the entire experience is designed to help them be active, eat well, and rest peacefully. Visitors can enjoy a state-of-the-art gym, in-room fitness equipment, healthy food offerings, and communal exercises led by a Chief Wellness Officer.

072815-2Equinox Health Hotels: Nearly 70% of Ys say that aspects of wellness are important to them when making vacation plans. They don’t want to fall off the wagon with their fitness regimes when away, so they look for brands in the travel sector to provide the healthy resources they’re accustomed to. To meet this desire, Equinox is launching a hotel brand for consumers to utilize its high-end fitness facilities and amenities when away. The first location, expected to open in 2018 in Hudson Yards in Manhattan, will have indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a 60,000 square foot gym. Equinox hopes to open 75 locations worldwide.

072815-3Westin Wellness Escapes: Last year, Westin launched the Westin Well-Being Movement, a six-pillar program to help guests and employees feel their best. Further demonstrating its commitment to health, the company has since launched Westin Wellness Escapes, a series of on-site wellness retreats led by experts in mindfulness meditation, nutrition, yoga, running, and more. The program makes it possible for visitors to take part in fitness classes, healthy cooking courses, and panel discussions devoted to health. As 75% of Ys believe their generation is more adventurous when it comes to wellness, they’re drawn to opportunities that allow them to sample healthy activities while traveling the world.