The Cassandra Report: Ages & Stages

Our latest study, on modern youth’s assumption of adulthood, is now available

Released in conjunction with the launch of Cassandra.co, our latest Cassandra study, Ages & Stages, explores the unique ways in which young people are approaching adulthood today. While many still think of Gen Y as teens and college students, the vast majority of this influential cohort is actually now settling into adulthood. Key themes include the following, among many others:

  • The Path: how and why modern youth are adapting traditional life markers and milestones, ranging from financial security to home ownership, to meet their generational preferences
  • Soloists: how and why they increasingly value spending time alone, in public, as a meaningful signifier of adult independence
  • The Optimization Generation: how and why they are looking to “get more from less” across all areas of life
  • No Kidding: how and why a growing number are choosing a child-free lifestyle

Cassandra Daily is just one small piece of an expansive youth trends, insights, and research resource: the Cassandra Report. If you are interested in learning more about a Cassandra subscription, please reach out to Andrea Senderoff at andrea.senderoff@deepfocus.net.