Herbal Life

Young people embrace herbal wellness services

As wellness has become a central pillar in young people’s lives, they’re embracing both modern solutions and ancient techniques to help them achieve their goals. One of the latest trends in this space is the use of herbs for healing from the inside out. Youth, in particular, faced with the challenge of balancing their digital and physical lives, are embracing this plant-based movement.


Tea has become the hot new wellness beverage, with models and celebrities alike touting its benefits. California native Baelyn Elspeth is a “student of the leaf” and a leading performer of tea ceremonies. She follows the ancient principles of Cha Dao, “The Way of Tea,” using the herbal brew as a means to awaken the spirit and sustain long periods of meditation. Her tea ceremonies introduce small groups to the magical and medicinal properties of the tiny leaves. The rituals can last an hour or two and include several teas, with the purpose of gathering together to “share space, presence, and heartfelt intentions.”


Located in Brooklyn, Maha Rose is a center for holistic healing, with offerings ranging from acupuncture to yoga to herbalism. Recent classes on the power of herbs included “Magical Herbalism for Dreaming and Visioning,” which took attendees on an inner journey, leveraging plants—in the form of teas, incense, balms, and anointing oils—to induce a state of lucid dreaming. The forthcoming “Ayurvedic Herbs for the New York Woman” will use specific herbs and spices to help women deal with the stresses faced in the urban environment. Instructors will explain how to use teas and tonics to “bring the body, mind, and spirit to a balanced state."


Based in Los Angeles, Window of the Sky could easily be mistaken for a run of the mill boutique where one can find various knickknacks. But, in fact, the store specializes in many forms of herbal healing, from aroma acupoint therapy to medicinal supplies. Supporting a holistic wellness lifestyle, the shop carries a wide range of products. Amid the shelves, one can find flower essences, incense, teas, super foods, soaps, essential oils, and perfumes from Hall of Spells. Enticing the random passerby, it also stocks modern and vintage jewelry, crystals, candles, and ceramics. Window of the Sky was founded and curated by Caren Motika, an acupuncturist and artist.