Modern Parents Redux

New cartoon series depicts the challenges of modern parenting

The “Sketched Out” cartoon series from Cassandra’s Modern Parents report depicts a dozen key insights from the recently launched report, shining light on how Millennial moms and dads are reinventing parenthood to better suit their generation’s needs for today.


Men and women become dads and moms the day their first child is born, but before they acquired those titles, they were people who had crafted their own unique and prized identities. Unlike Boomers who sacrificed their personal identities to assume the role of parent, Millennial parents don’t want to lose themselves as a result of their devotion to their children. Modern moms and dads are cognizant of their fading personal identities and are making a concerted effort to preserve their pre-parent selves.


Previous generations of parents could operate as gatekeepers for their children, sheltering them from the harsh realities of the world. But with children’s broad access to the Internet, parents aren’t the only ones with a window on the world, and they can no longer as easily control how their children learn about news and issues. However, eight in 10 parents feel equipped to prepare their children for the future, and to do so, they are taking a proactive approach, not waiting for their children to first learn about current events or complicated subjects from the news, a neighbor, or a schoolmate.


Millennial parents are finding that having children boosts their overall happiness, which translates to a greater effectiveness at work. In effect, they’re Leaning Out to Lean In at work, putting increased priority on feeling satisfied in their family life, which is making them better employees. Nearly nine in 10 working parents (89%) say they are as or more efficient at work since having a child. Furthermore, mothers in our qualitative research shared stories of their children giving them new ideas and higher confidence in their careers.