Creamy and Dreamy

Ice cream cones surrounded by cotton candy are the dessert du jour

There’s no shortage of over-the-top desserts these days, with a new “it” treat popping up on what feels like a weekly basis. Young consumers are eager to try the latest creative concoctions, as sharing such has become a coveted form of social currency. Now, the latest contender is ice cream wrapped in a cotton candy cloud.


Australian ice cream shop Aqua S has developed a notable following due to its rotating roaster of unique flavors, including sea salt and English breakfast tea, that can be wrapped in “fairy floss” aka cotton candy. Sugar mavens first choose their ice cream and then can add popcorn, candy, and a roasted marshmallow before the cone is placed in a cotton candy coat. With this combination, it’s no surprise the dish has earned a spot on BuzzFeed’s list of Sydney’s most insane desserts. The idea for this tasty treat came to Aqua S founder Jennifer Lam in her sleep, and since introducing the concept, it’s become a global phenomenon.


When ice cream parlor Milk Train opened in London’s Covent Garden neighborhood last month, it immediately drew long lines around the block and garnered viral fame. The quick success wasn’t merely due to the summer heat wave, but rather, the eatery’s signature dish of ice cream surrounded by cotton candy. Customers can choose between three flavors of soft serve—matcha, hojicha, and vanilla—and then add a fluffy bed of cotton candy around it. Hybrid desserts are nothing new, but the tasty treat has caught on because it’s especially eye-catching, creating an illusion that the cone is floating.


Westhampton Beach’s Shock Ice Cream & Candy Cafe has seen record crowds this summer as people flock to the shop to try its take on ice cream nestled in cotton candy, which the owners have dubbed “Carnival Cones.” The concept came to them on a whim after placing a cotton candy machine next to one for soft serve. They decided to combine the two, spinning a pouf of cotton candy and placing the cone in the center. Customers can choose between soft or hard ice cream and add dozens of toppings before the fluffy treat is swirled around it to create an Instagram-worthy masterpiece.