Co-Working Out

New facilities bring fitness to the office

Young generations’ passion for wellness is influencing all aspects of their lives, from how they choose to socialize to where they shop, live, and travel. Their commitment to health is also impacting where they work, as they increasingly want office environments to enhance their wellbeing


Gen Ys’ interest in the freelancer economy and the ability to work remotely has created a need for non-traditional office space, since such work styles rarely come with designated desks. Recently, there’s been a rise in official work space at restaurants, bars, and stores to meet growing demand, and now gyms are joining the action. One such studio, Brooklyn-based New Love City, provides a calming place for people to be productive alongside a supportive community. Visitors can obtain workspace on an as-needed basis—daily ($40), weekly ($100), or monthly ($300)—with each option including unlimited yoga classes for the duration of the package.


Earlier this year, two WeWork veterans opened Primary, a wellness-focused co-working space in Manhattan’s Financial District. In addition to providing state-of-the-art amenities, the company boasts dozens of fitness and nutrition perks. Members get unlimited access to the multiple exercise, yoga, and meditation classes offered each day, and bathrooms are equipped with steam showers and lockers to simplify the switch between work and working out. Moreover, massage and acupuncture therapists are on-site along with a café serving healthy fare like Stumptown coffee, juices from LuliTonix and Pure Green, and catered lunch from Dig Inn. A standard membership is $600 per month, while private offices begin at $750 per month. 


The creators of Washington, D.C.-based Flow Yoga Center don’t want their company to be a place for people to escape the stresses of work. Instead, they hope to help people curb stress to begin with by providing a productive and healthy work atmosphere. Together, they developed workFlow, a wellness-based co-working space that provides people with quiet areas to conduct business with soothing natural light and ergonomically designed standing, sitting, and reclining work stations. Members can take yoga and meditation breaks with on-site staff and connect with a community that is similarly passionate about wellness. Membership costs $90 per month and includes unlimited access to yoga classes.