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Media brands and social influencers launch alcohol lines

The majority of young consumers aren’t brand loyal when it comes to the alcohol they consume, opening the doors for new players to enter the space. Recent months have seen lifestyle brands like Lululemon dip their toes in the alcohol business, and now those in the media sector are following suit.


With the help of Anheuser-Busch InBev, Vice launched its own beer brand called Old Blue Last. The line gets its name and spirit from Vice’s bar in Shoreditch, London, which has hosted artists like Amy Winehouse, Diplo, Florence + the Machine, and others. The beer is made at Blue Point Brewery in Long Island and is described as clean, gose-influenced, and “perfect for cracking open in your living room, at your favorite music venue, or on your best friend’s rooftop.” It’s currently available at Vice’s Brooklyn headquarters and select locations in NYC, with expansion plans in the works.


Comedian and social media star Violet Benson created her Instagram account, @daddyissues_, in 2014 and has since amassed more than 3.5 million followers thanks to her daring posts that tackle modern womanhood with plenty of wine references along the way. She leveraged that fame to launch Fun Wine Co, an ode to one of her most frequently used words, which features a range of white, red, and rosé wine in a bottles born to be Instagram-friendly. The rosé comes served in personal bottles with a straw, much like an adult juice box.


White Girl Rosé, a wildly popular wine brand created by comedian Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky and the brothers behind the White Girl Problems Twitter account, became the second-highest-selling rosé in New York last summer, with a quarter of a million bottles sold between July and September. The product’s success inspired the founders to expand beyond bottles with the launch of a canned rosé called Babe, the eponymous line of the Twitter account’s fictitious persona, Babe Walker. Babe is sold via White Girl Rosé’s new e-commerce site and app in sparkling and flat varieties.