Colorful wines are the latest alcohol trend

When selecting a wine, drinkers now have more colors to choose from than merely red, white, or rosé. Wine is increasingly being served in a wider range of hues, appealing to youth’s fascination with extreme food and beverages that provide a noteworthy dining experience and stand out on social media.


Electric blue wine may soon take over your Instagram feed thanks to Spanish startup Gik Live. The company, founded by six entrepreneurs seeking to make wine more eye-catching and adventurous for Millennials, blended white and red grapes, anthocyanin, and indigo to create Blue Nun. The vibrant variety took two years to make with the help of Spanish universities and food researchers, resulting in a flavor that's said to taste like a sweet white wine. The drink, which sells for about $11 a bottle, is currently available in Spain, France, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands, with a U.S. expansion in the works.


Orange wine began popping up at trendy restaurants and wine bars this past summer, earning it the title of "the new rosé." Although it’s been around for years, especially in Europe, the orange creation has just become buzzy in the U.S. due to its unique coloring and versatility. Orange wine is made from white grapes fermented with their skins—the same process used to make red wine. It has the lightness and citric characteristics of a white wine and the tannins and power of a red wine; as a result, it pairs well with food one typically serves with either red or white wine.


Cannabis cocktails have been making an appearance on menus in recent months as young consumers are changing public perception of marijuana, regarding it as a wellness product. Wine drinkers can also sip, rather than smoke, pot, thanks to Canna Vine. Although weed-infused wine has been around for decades, it’s just garnering mass attention given the growing market for high-end marijuana products. The green wine combines organically grown marijuana and farmed grapes, allowing imbibers to feel its therapeutic effects. Currently, Canna Vine is only available in California.