Unicorn hot chocolate is the latest trendy drink

Colorful drinks are having a moment, with lattes and wines popping up in a plethora of hues and vibrant varieties. The newest eye-catching drink captivating social media is unicorn hot chocolate, a dreamy beverage piled with pastel toppings.


Anaheim café and bakery Crème & Sugar sparked the unicorn hot chocolate craze with its white hot chocolate that’s dyed pink and topped with marshmallows, sprinkles, edible glitter dust, and whipped cream. The secret menu item is not-so-secret anymore thanks to Instagram and has spawned similar concoctions and other “unicorn-like foods” around the world. Store owner Joanna Czikalla credits Willy Wonka as her inspiration for creating the photogenic drink. Her shop also sells several other unicorn-inspired treats, including a Cookie Monster variation topped with blue cocoa and crushed Oreos, unicorn milkshakes, and cake.


Across the pond, Skarlett’s Café in East Sussex, England began serving its take on the trend—a version that’s a brighter shade of pink than most recipes and packed with gold glitter. Along with the usual toppings of marshmallows, sprinkles, and whipped cream, Skarlett’s colorful concoction is coated in candy such as silver dragees. The shop has no shortage of picturesque pastel sweets and flavored hot chocolate, but the unicorn hot cocoa is generating the biggest buzz as a decadent dessert du jour, much like last winter’s freakshakes frenzy.


Skarlett’s Café isn’t the only place in England specializing in unicorn hot chocolate. The Vintage Cupcake Kitchen in Oldham is also satisfying people’s sweet tooth and desire to collect unique culinary experiences with a version that lets them add a cookie or cupcake on top. The bakery also serves hot chocolate in a variety of flavors, including Reese's Pieces and Nutella. While unicorn hot chocolate and the like will certainly bring imbibers into a sugary, childlike state, those seeking a more adult winter beverage may prefer a different type of hot chocolate garnering attention on food blogs—one infused with red wine.