Relaxation drinks are poised to become the new energy drinks

Stress is an epidemic among generations; 86% of Ys are stressed, opening the door for a budding category of beverages to join mainstream marijuana as a remedy for their anxiety. Whereas Gen X gave rise to the energy drink market, young consumers are sampling relaxation drinks to help them unwind and quell the effects of their coffee habit.


Adding to its range of beauty-boosting and detoxifying tonics, Dirty Lemon launched a functional drink to help people improve their sleep. The formula is powered by a combination of herbs, magnesium, rose water, and lemon juice that promotes drowsiness and mental calm while also inducing a more restful night’s sleep. The company’s founder told Well+Good, “With all our beverages, we’re taking ingredients that have been well established in the naturopathic community—in some cases for over 100 years—and blending them into a formulation that’s in line with what modern consumers [want] in terms of taste and performance."


Founder and “Chief Relaxation Officer” Ahmed Elafifi created Tranquini, which boasts ingredients like chamomile, lavender and calm-inducing green tea extract, for consumers who are increasingly prioritizing mindfulness and a more “actively relaxed” lifestyle. The former Red Bull board member is already selling the relaxation drink in more than a dozen markets across Europe, Asia, and Africa, with ambitious plans for rapid global expansion. Elafifi told Forbes India, “When you need energy drinks you will buy a Red Bull, when you need refreshments you will buy a cola, when you need hydration you will drink water, and when you need relaxation you will need Tranquini."


Swedish brand NOA Potions debuted in the UK at Selfridge’s last year, soon after taking top honors in the premium drink category at the World Beverage Innovation Awards. Each bottle of NOA’s signature product contains the equivalent of 15 cups of green tea extract and comes in flavors like Elderflower & Rhubarb, Blueberry & Birch Sap, and Wild Apple & Gooseberry. Founder Noa Fridmark compares it to "meditation in a bottle," explaining on his site that the brand is “a symbol of self-inspection: who am I, what do I value? When you free yourself from society’s expectations, you truly connect with your inner inspiration.”