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New wellness drinks feature medicinal mushrooms 

Young generations are willing to invest in their physical and mental wellbeing; 68% of Ys are more willing to splurge on healthy food than unhealthy food. As healthy living becomes an increasingly pressing priority, mushrooms are emerging as the latest splurge-worthy superfood trend, earning their place in beverages that boast numerous health benefits.


All of Lifehouse’s blended tonics and steeped elixirs feature medicinal mushrooms to help support health, wellbeing, and energy to help consumers “function on a higher level.” Though it’s not the prettiest coffee drink, the Shroom Shake from Lifehouse Tonics claims to supply the benefits of caffeine—including energy, focus, and alertness—without the drawbacks like the jitters. The shake combines powder from a variety of mushrooms, which is virtually tasteless, with coffee, cacao, almond and cashew milk, and cinnamon for a drink that’s invigorating.


Adaptogenic mushroom varieties—AKA medicinal mushrooms—including reishi, chaga, and cordyceps, help the body regulate stress, boost immunity, and manage hormone levels. Consumers can DIY by adding powdered mushrooms to coffee or smoothies, or indulge in the warm Reishi Latte from Pressed Juicery’s new Heat line. Known for its cold-pressed juices, the brand’s new hot beverages are currently available at the recently opened Press Juicery locations in Seattle and the Financial District in New York. The Heat line offers four lattes and two hot tonics.


As young generations are more in touch with their health and wellbeing, new products have inundated the market touting such benefits. Protein shakes combine the advantages of wellness drinks and protein bars, and many kinds of powders are available for DIY consumption. L.A. shop Moon Juice is now selling Vanilla Mushroom Protein powder made with reishi and cordyceps mushrooms. The mix purports to support the immune system, build muscle and stamina, and aid in organ health, as well as imparting feelings of centeredness and strength.