Upscale beauty brands launch cannabis-infused product

From marijuana delivery services to creative cannabis beverages, young entrepreneurs are helping pot transition away from its patchouli-and-bongwater-soaked reputation and rebranding it as a modern lifestyle product that offers benefits complementary to their generational views on wellness. Upscale beauty brands are likewise feeling the call of cannabis, launching products that skew luxury rather than hippie.


Founded by a former Miss Iowa, Au Box is filling a niche in the beauty box market with its new subscription service that allows those in the San Francisco area with a medical marijuana license to receive a delivery of cannabis products each month. In addition to boxes with pre-rolled joints and edibles, the company’s beauty-specific box for women features feminine care products from Foria as well as luxe lotions, bath treatments, and hair care products that are rich in anti-inflammatory cannabinoids. The company also offers a “man” box that includes cannabis beard oils and salves.


NYC-based apothecary Malin+Goetz leverages the beneficial beauty boost of the cannabis plant in many of its grooming and lifestyle products. The company’s hair pomade synthesizes the fatty acid-rich cannabis sativa seed with meadowfoam, yucca, aloe, and soybean to help combat dryness and prevent damage, while its hand and body wash blends a cannabis eau de toilette with amino acid–based cleansing agents that help reduce epidermal stress. The warm, spicy scent of cannabis also features heavily in multiple candles and perfume oils from the family-owned brand.


Cannabis skincare products have been reported to help the skin appear more youthful, increase elasticity, reduce acne, and more, and Kate Somerville leverages this fountain of youth effect with its Deep Tissue Repair Cream with Peptide K8. The $150 moisturizer includes a blend of ceramide-infused peptides designed to provide intense hydration, while babassu oil and hemp seeds improve the appearance of firmness. Unlike other varieties of cannabis sativa plants, hemp has lower concentrations of THC and higher concentrations of health and beauty-boosting cannabidiol.