Consumers’ love of avocados is inspiring new eateries

Dining has become the default way that youth socialize, and they’re devoting significant time and money towards all things food and beverage, making the category more experience-based than in the past. This mindset is helping avocado sales skyrocket in the U.S. and Australia as Ys and Zs turn to the versatile fruit to fuel their culinary quests.


Three Italian transplants opened Avocaderia inside Industry City’s food hall in Sunset Park, Brooklyn this month to a particularly ravenous #eatingforinsta crowd; demand was such that the eatery ran out of its namesake ingredient mere hours after opening. In addition to classics like avo toasts and salads, Avocaderia’s dishes draw inspiration from the flavors of international cuisines. Some ingredients are obvious, like pico de gallo from Mexico, while others are less expected, like shichimi from Japan and duqqa from Egypt. All avocados are organic, farmed in the Mexican state of Michoacán by a consortium of local farmers and fairly traded to the U.S.


Though Avocaderia proclaims itself to be the world’s first avocado bar, The Avocado Show in Amsterdam appears to have beat them to the punch. Going beyond the basics, the restaurant specializes in extravagant interpretations of avo-centric dishes that emphasize creative visuals—for instance, burgers with avocado “buns” and dishes topped with avo “roses”—which helped it garner more than 50k followers on Instagram even before it opened. Like Avocaderia, the restaurant prioritizes Clear Consciousness; all avocados used are grown sustainably and picked, packed, and transported in a socially responsible manner from certified farmers in Chile, Peru, and South Africa.


Avocados take center stage (in their arguably most popular form) at NYC’s all-guacamole-themed restaurant, Guac. In addition to the usual suspects like tacos, tequila, and salads, the menu features an impressive 11 varieties of guacamole ranging from the traditional to the more inventive, like the Manzanilla Green Olive (Spanish olives, tomato, and chile), the Tequila Abanero (fresh abanero with tequila reposado, cilantro, onions and tomato), and the Tradicional Scampi (chopped garlic, fresh herbs, white wine reduction, and lime).