Mermaid-themed cuisine is having a moment

While unicorn food and beverages have dominated social fees in recent months, a new mystical culinary creation has emerged. Mermaid-inspired drinks and dishes are now taking the spotlight, further demonstrating youth’s desire for colorful fare.


Mermaids are emerging more in pop culture, from movies to TV to now food and beverages—a trend that Cassandra predicted in the Spring/Summer 2013 Report. Brooklyn-based café The End, which garnered attention for its popular healthy unicorn latte, just introduced a mermaid drink dubbed the merbabe latte. The eye-catching concoction consists of marine collagen, schizandra berry, strawberry, dragonfruit, e3 live blue majik algae, kelp flakes, golden flax crumble, and vegan sprinkles. The creators boast that it provides emotional, hormonal, and spiritual benefits, including helping with adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems, and offering beauty benefits. To make the drink extra share-worthy, it’s adorned with shells and a plastic tail.


There’s no shortage of trendy toast, from ones covered in avocados to sweet potatoes to ricotta and jam, but lately, the Internet is fixated on mermaid toast. Adeline Waugh, a health and wellness blogger and food stylist behind Vibrant & Pure pioneered the trend following the success of her unicorn toast. Waugh’s original take consists of spreading cream cheese that’s been blended with spirulina powder and chlorophyll drops into a wave-like design. She deepens some of the pigment to create different blue and green hues that mimic the ocean. Some of her toasts are adorned with gold flakes or edible stars, further upping the Instagram factor.


The unicorn food and beverage trend reached its peak last month when Starbucks launched a limited-edition Unicorn Frappuccino. Young consumers seeking a new buzzy beverage are in luck thanks to Jocelyn Freeman, a Starbucks barista and the blogger behind The Modern Barista, who invented the Mermaid Frappuccino. She combined vanilla bean and blended blackberries, and then drizzled mocha, toasted coconut, and matcha powder. Given the popularity of such drinks, Starbucks isn’t stopping there. It also offers a Dragon Frappuccino and a Narwhal, each with a different base including green tea and strawberry lemonade.