Napping is the new exercising

Slumber is becoming big business, with smart mattresses, performance sleepwear, and relaxation tonics emerging as overstressed youth look for new ways to optimize their wellbeing. The latest solution is taking the form of nap classes, boutique-style sleep sessions piggybacking on the meditation movement.


British health club brand David Lloyd created a sleep-themed fitness class for the fatigued—particularly overextended modern parents. The group program, called Napercise, is designed to help boost people’s mental and physical wellbeing through 45-minute mid-afternoon sessions. Participants relax on beds while instructors play soothing sounds and reduce the room temperature to help promote calorie burning during sleep. Kathryn Pinkham, a sleep expert who collaborated with David Lloyd on the project, said the class actually can lead to positive fitness effects due to the important role that recovery plays in muscle repair.


Washington, D.C. residents seeking a remedy for their exhausting, stressful lives can revive at Recharj, a modern meditation and boutique power nap studio located just steps away from the White House. In addition to a range of guided meditations and sound baths, the studio offers classes like Deep Rest, a deep relaxation meditation practice designed to reduce accumulated stress. Participants lie side-by-side on comfy cushions, focusing their attention on each area of the body as they gradually enter a restful state that helps release tension, support healing, and strengthen immune function.


The Indigo Project in Sydney's Surry Hills utilizes positive psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience to help people “get their shit together.” The boutique health studio provides one-on-one psychology services, meditation classes, and now legit classes on napping as well. Citing research that suggests how a short sleep break can improve mood, alertness, concentration, and overall productivity, the company offers 30- and 45-minute Naptime classes that cost $12 per session. Participants get cozy in the zen space, then relax with a calming meditation designed to lull them into a deep sleep that helps them nap away stress (or a hangover).