Restaurants create canine-friendly menus

Although many Gen Ys are choosing not to have kids and are pursuing a nontraditional path through adulthood, pet ownership is actually on the rise. The pet industry is innovating to accommodate this trend, with luxury canine experiences expanding to include specialty menus for doggie diners.


Swedish casual dining restaurant Avenyfamiljen has allowed patrons to bring their dogs inside for years, and it’s now taking the experience to the next level by offering a menu specifically for canine guests. An entrée of cod or organic beef, which comes pre-made from another Swedish company, is available for dogs to eat at the feet of their owners. The restaurant offers a doggie “beer” as well (“alcohol” for cats and dogs is on the rise). The move is intended to attract customers who don’t like to leave their pets at home for even an hour to enjoy a typical meal out.


Some hotels are featuring pet ambassadors to make their guests feel more welcome, but the Egerton House Hotel in London is offering a daily Doggie Afternoon Tea. Like their human counterparts, canine attendees are offered a full tea service, but their menu differs, consisting of meatloaf, a dog biscuit, dog-friendly ice cream, and a chew toy to take home. The hotel also employs a pet concierge to handle other amenities like providing a personalized welcome message and an embroidered pet pillow for the tea, walking and grooming services, and more.


Asheville, North Carolina restaurant Posana has always opened its outdoor patio to dogs accompanying their owners, and now it’s opening its kitchen to them as well by offering a menu especially for canines. Posana will serve dog diners entrees of chicken and grains or beef meatloaf with doggie ice cream treats for dessert. Like the menu items for humans, the canine specialties are locally and sustainably sourced, farm-to-table meals cooked in-house. The rising popularity of dog menus supports the trend away from famous felines and towards their canine counterparts.