Elaborate cups are being created with social media in mind

A quarter of youth check Instagram before brushing their teeth in the morning, and the urge to scroll is impacting more than just their wakeup routines. Gens Y and Z are increasingly crafting personal digital stories to sustain their audiences' engagement on social media, and eateries are upping the share-worthiness of their drinking vessels accordingly.


Bars and beverage shops around the world are embracing the bulb as their vessel du jour. Per Thrillest, the Hyundai Department Store in Seoul was one of the first places to popularize the trend, followed soon by a café in Taiwan, whose images of servers holding light bulbs filled with bubble tea went viral. The cups then made their way over to the U.S. at haunts like the renowned Canon cocktail bar in Seattle. Idea Coffee in NYC has likewise started serving up their juices in light bulb cups, and their Instagram account has been reaping the benefits.


Australia has long been home to a host of coffee crazes, and at Sydney café Piccolo Me, drinkers can enjoy one of the area’s tastier trends: drinking out of a cookie cup. Cafes have jumped on the trend after it became a social media sensation, serving up coffee in cones, cups, and bowls, all of the edible variety. One South-African-based coffee-shop owner claims that his #coffeeinacone concept at The Grind has become the most liked coffee-style shot on Instagram, telling the Daily Mail that nearly one million posts of coffee-filled cones have been liked.


This past holiday season, bars showed their cheer by serving up drinks in snow globes. NYC bar LOCL fueled the trend with its Shakespeare’s Globe, a festive holiday drink made with gin, root beer, vanilla syrup, Cointreau, and Douglas Fir liqueur (Christmas tree-flavored alcohol). The cocktail was also garnished with edible disco glitter for an extra bit of gilded flair. Meanwhile, holiday pop-up bar Miracle on Ninth Street created a rum-based cocktail out of Santa's head called the "Bad Santa."