Elevated dining experiences take meals to new heights 

As youth redefine the concept of luxury, dining out has become a popular category for indulgence. Young consumers are prioritizing spending on food because it’s an accessible way to collect share-worthy experiences; a quarter of youth in the U.S. and UK want to have food and drink-related adventures, and these elevated dining opportunities are whetting their appetites.


Young consumers like to celebrate traditional holidays with a modern spin, and Ottawa, Ontario is celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by hosting Dinner in the Sky for two weeks in July. Elevated approximately 15 stories above the ground, the crane-suspended sky lounge hosts 22 diners for a gourmet meal or cocktail experience. The lounge is covered by a canopy to provide protection from wind, rain, and birds, and guests can feel more secure by strapping in with a seatbelt. Tickets range from $150-250.


Why go skiing when you can stay in the lift and eat fondue? For one night in February, a fleet of ski gondolas in Villars, Switzerland hosted 360 guests for Fondue in the Sky. Six diners in each gondola were served a meal of charcuterie, cheese fondue, dessert, brandy, and wine while traveling at a more leisurely pace than usual. The $85 ticket price also included a view of the famed Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. For those afraid of heights, VR experiences are taking people on virtual journeys to be enjoyed alongside custom cocktails.


For young consumers who appreciate innovative storefronts, innovative restaurants are becoming the next frontier. Hanging about 15 stories above the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Dinner in the Sky hosted 22 diners at a time in a floorless elevated lounge over the course of three months. After signing a disclaimer accepting the risks, guests were strapped into safety harnesses in their dining chairs, which swiveled 360 degrees to offer a panoramic view of the landscape. Each guest had a footrest for the 55-minute dining experience for lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, or dinner. The experience returns to Dubai in November, with tickets ranging from $135-218.