Companies create limited-edition alcohol-infused desserts

As explored at the annual Tales of the Cocktail happening this week in New Orleans, even classic alcoholic beverages are continuing to get more creative; some brands are providing a VR component to take drinkers on a virtual journey while they imbibe. As trendy desserts, too, are being taken to extreme levels, new treats are emerging that combine two of young people’s favorite vices in one.


In addition to artisanal fruit flavors, UK-based premium popsicles company POPS launched an adult version of a classic childhood summertime treat—three flavors of alcohol-infused popsicles at 77 calories and 3.8% ABV each. The champagne, Bellini, and limited-edition Moscow Mule-flavored popsicles are available only in the UK and Australia, but FrutaPop recently released a rosé-infused popsicle in the U.S. in time for summer. If boozy ice pops aren’t on the picnic list, new varieties of canned cocktails are also a refreshing alternative to traditional beer and wine.


Sugarfina, the gourmet candy company that produced the rosé-infused gummy bears that sold out within hours in the summer of 2016, partnered with Casamigos Tequila for three new varieties of limited-edition alcohol-infused candy. Though the alcohol content in the margarita and tequila grapefruit sour-flavored gummies is negligible, the Give It a Shot chocolate cordials each contain a liquid tequila center at 5% ABV. The interesting combination complements the unique dessert trend, joining the likes of glow-in-the-dark donuts and gelato.


Champagne has been showing up in atypical places lately (Exhibit A: high-end hair care), and Japanese snack and candy maker Glico got in on the trend when it released a special line of champagne-infused treats. The bubbly-flavored desserts were available as chocolate-covered pretzels, wafers with creme filling, and chocolate-covered almonds. Each limited-edition sweet was produced using real champagne but contained less than 0.1% ABV. The company is better known for its cookie-like Pocky and Caplico treats that are offered in flavors like strawberry and matcha.