Companies compete in the growing canned wine market

Cocktails aren’t the only alcoholic drinks making their way to cans; canned wine is likewise trending this summer, popularized with the help of brands like Babe Rosé. While canned varieties still represent a small percentage of total wine sales, sales volume has recently grown by 231%, and more offerings are entering the market.


Guarachi Wine Partners, owner of the wine brand Surf Swim, launched its Surf Swim Chardonnay in cans this May. The product, which features notes of peaches, pineapple, and banana peel, is available in four-packs of colorful 8.4oz cans with the same 13.5% ABV chardonnay as in the bottle. Offering consumers added convenience for gatherings like picnics and barbeques was a key factor for why the company created the product—fitting given that it’s a top factor that Millennials, particularly Gen Y parents, take into account when shopping and when choosing which products to buy.


The Underwood brand from Oregon-based Union Wine Co. draws from a diverse range of vineyards and wine-growing regions that Oregon offers to create approachable, everyday drinking wines. The brand’s popular canned wine was first released in a limited-edition run at the 2013 Feast Portland event and grew in popularity from there. In a Millennial-friendly move this summer, the company hired “Canbassadors,” a.k.a. canned wine ambassadors, to join a road trip events team as it traveled from Oregon to the East Coast and back in a mobile wine bar to promote the product.


Trader Joe’s beloved two-buck chuck has some fresh competition in the form of its one-buck canned wine, which has proven so popular that the company has had trouble keeping it in stock. Just in time for summer, the company launched the $3.99 four-packs of Simpler Wines Italian Sparkling Wine, which it worked with an Italian supplier to develop. In Simpler Wines White, notes of juicy honeydew and fresh cut herbs provide sweet sip-ability, while the mineral notes and red fruit flavors of Simpler Wines Rosé are a fit for fresh pasta, seafood or sweets.