Companies create dining experiences inspired by entertainment

Young generations’ foodie tendencies are impacting nearly all consumer categories, particularly entertainment as of late. Not only are Gen Ys and Zs giving rise to fictional restaurants being replicated in real life, but they’re also spurring the growth of dining experiences that serve food inspired by popular entertainment.


To make viewing Game of Thrones more immersive, the restaurant White Gold Butchers in New York City hosted thematic dinners and screened the latest episodes this summer. For $65, attendees could enjoy a meal with recipes and ingredients that harken to the GoT universe—without utensils—and all-you-can-drink beer and wine for an additional $15. While this may seem pricey for content that people could enjoy in the comfort of their own home, our report The Entertainers reveals that 66% of U.S. youth and 77% of Trendsetters wish there were more ways to enjoy TV and videos as part of in-person group events.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, The Library, a members’ club in Covent Garden, is hosting a seven-course dinner inspired by the series every Friday and Saturday night for the next few months. Fans, who must come in costume, are greeted with craft cocktails before moving on to a decadent meal that resembles a Hogwarts feast. Dishes include an edible Hogwarts letter (rice paper topped with pepper, parsley, and squid ink), Devil’s Snare (chia seed, seaweed, and courgette), and Secret Keeper (smoked anguilla in kimchi broth). Given the series’ popularity and young adults’ TasteMaker tendencies, many of the dinners are already sold out.


At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Comcast Xfinity hosted free TV dinners inspired by popular shows, including Orange Is The New Black. Fans could enjoy thematic dishes including Chang’s Frito Fritters, Crazy Eyes’ Cherry Pie, and Piper’s Candy Shiv, with all recipes created by YouTube celebrity chef Byron Talbott. Attendees, who could also try food related to Game of Thrones and Luke Cage, were brought inside recreated TV sets from each show, where they could snap photos and watch the show while feasting on the food that each is based on.