Prefab living spaces offer affordable housing alternatives

The rising cost of housing in major cities around the world has fueled young consumers’ interest in alternatives that optimize both space and expenses, like modular prefab houses and Tiny Homes. In response, brands are experimenting with compact living spaces, and new companies are creating eco-friendly options that Millennials can actually afford.


Created in Germany, Coodo prefabricated homes are suited for a wide range of environments—from urban rooftops to remote beaches—and can be easily relocated to give people the freedom to live almost anywhere in the world or travel while enjoying the comforts of home. Owners select their desired model, then choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and details. Models range in size from 36 to 96 square meters and vary according to usage; for example, the watercoodo functions as a houseboat. The energy-efficient heating, cooling, and power systems are neatly concealed within the flooring, ceiling, and inner walls, making the units ideal for minimalists.


The Ecokit was created as a solution to the affordable housing crisis in Australia, where major metro areas like Sydney are some of the most unaffordable in the world. The DIY modular prefab cabins are sustainable and made with eco-friendly materials and thermal-insulated panels. Each unit arrives flat and is designed to be fast to construct; each can be assembled in a few weeks by either the owner or a hired crew. The company is currently fundraising on Indiegogo, with donations in the $200 to $250 range earning backers a mini version for pets.


UK-based HiveHaus creates its modular living units from identically proportioned hexagonal living cells, each made up of a standard set of uniform components that can be combined in a variety of ways to produce a bespoke home that accommodates a wide range of budgets. Units are designed to be economical to run as well as sustainable and easily portable for those who aspire to live in remote locations or partake in Living Experiments.