Pickle-flavored products are gaining popularity

Young people prioritize spending on food and beverages above other categories and are adventurous with their tastebuds, seeking out unique gustatory experiences; the majority of Zs say they’ll eat just about anything. One recent food and drink trend is pickle-flavored products, with homemade recipes for pickle soup going viral and even pickle-flavored condoms making a debut. Soda, popsicles, and popcorn are likewise available for dill aficionados to enjoy.


Joining the ranks of unique beverages like cactus water and ramen-flavored beer, Pickle Juice Soda is now available from Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. Customers can purchase the green-hued beverage, made with cane sugar and dill pickle brine, at stores in Ohio and Pennsylvania for $2.50 a pop. Dedicated drinkers can purchase the old school 12-oz glass bottles online for $10 each. Pickle Juice Soda is one of 325 flavors the shop sells at its three locations, including other distinct flavors such as Ranch Dressing and Buffalo Sauce.


Unlike the adult sweets trend of alcohol-infused popsicles, Van Holten’s Pickle-Ice is presented as a healthy option to stay hydrated during a workout or just keep cool on a hot day. The pickle-flavored ice pops feature added electrolytes, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to help replace nutrients expended by the body during a workout. For sale directly from Van Holten’s website, on Amazon, and in various grocery stores in 8- and 48-packs, the popsicles are a unique treat for pickle lovers. Van Holten’s also sells oversized pickles in a pouch and pickle-themed apparel.


A mother and son duo run the recently opened Damn Good Popcorn store in Newark, Ohio. The popcorn shop features traditional flavors like butter, cheddar, and caramel corn as well as unique ones like blueberry, pizza, and dill pickle, which owner Kay Baxter said has been the biggest hit. The company tests a new flavor each week, and if customers approve it becomes a regular option. Popcorn is used as a dessert topping in trendy ice cream shops, and Baxter plans to start selling sweets and hot chocolate in the store soon.