Elaborate pet products and experiences emerge

Pets are being pampered with products and services typically reserved for their doting owners, from canine-friendly fine dining and alcohol to luxury travel. Given consumer demand for such specialty offerings, people now have new ways to please their pups.


Pumpkin Spice Lattes are no longer just for people thanks to healthy pet food brand The Honest Kitchen. The company has created a line of dog- and cat-friendly pumpkin spice lattes made with goat’s milk, pumpkin, honey, and aromatic spices so that pets aren’t deprived of the fall staple. The Honest Kitchen’s recipe, which is packed with healthy fiber, will be on sale in October, costing $11.99 for a 5-ounce can that makes 10 lattes. While Starbucks offers a specialty drink for dogs, The Honest Kitchen is the only supplier of PSLs for dogs.


Given people’s tendency to worry about their pets while they’re out and their desire to keep them out of trouble, Audible and dog behaviorist Cesar Millan collaborated on audiobooks for dogs to listen to when they’re home alone. The creation is intended to reduce canine’s stress, and a study Millan conducted among pet owners suggests the recordings are successful (and least from the owners' perspectives); 76% of dog owners who played the books while they were away felt their furry friends were calmer than if they were left at home without the content playing.


Typical museums don’t allow dogs, but lately, several art shows aimed at canines are emerging. Among them is dOGUMENTA, an exhibit created by Jessica Dawson in conjunction with Arts Brookfield that took place in NYC last month. Dawson was inspired to create the show after bringing her dog to galleries and finding that he inspired her to look at art in a new way. The works featured in her outdoor exhibit at Brookfield Place were considerate of dogs’ color perception limitations and were each placed at eye level.