Beauty and grooming products infused with coffee provide a pick-me-up

Coffee—a beverage that 51% of youth Trendsetters drink on a daily basis—has become more than a morning pick-me-up, it’s a part of culture. 40% of global youth think going out for coffee is an ideal date, and new variations of the brew are always popping up in the lifestyle space. These beauty and grooming products use caffeine in non-edible forms that coffee lovers can nonetheless enjoy.


Rather than neon polish inspired by trendy colored coffee drinks, the new caffeine-infused nail polish line from Nails Inc. is based off various types of the classic brew. The four new hues sound like beverages you’d order from a modern café—Rise & Grind, Espresso Martini, Afternoon Mocha, and Chai Kiss. The caffeine stimulates regeneration of the nails, and the available exfoliating coffee scrub can help prep hands and feet for a DIY mani or pedi designed for coffee and beauty lovers alike.


The male grooming market is booming, and new razor subscription services are vying for a share. For men who prefer to be unshaven but not unkempt, beard oil is also rising in popularity. Beardology, a small business out of Cleveland, produces beard grooming products in a wide variety of scents. Their special-edition coffee version is infused with oil from coffee beans from another nearby small business, Just Brewed Coffee. The coffee beard oil is meant to uplift the mood as well as soothe the skin and condition the beard.


Caffeine lovers opting to go the health-conscious route can get the flavor they crave with new coffee-infused lip balm from UK-based small business Pinwheel. Founded by a new mother, all of the company's balms are made by hand using British beeswax. Coffee lovers can pick their poison—Americano, Latte, or Mocha, which also come in a gift set—each made with real coffee arabica seed oil. Those who prefer tea can enjoy Pinwheel’s Earl Grey or Chamomile versions, and floral flavors are available as well.