Coconut-based yogurt alternatives are the wellness snack of the moment

Yogurt sales may be slumping, but dairy-free alternatives could prove to be a bright spot—plant-based food sales are up eight percent from 2016. Those based in coconut, a particularly versatile superfood, are becoming the wellness snack of choice. 


Featuring superfood toppings like CBD and bee pollen, plant based soft-serve brand Kokus is on a mission to create better-for-you food that’s better for the world. The new NYC-based company, which has already partnered with Sweetgreen, attempts to solve a major problem in the food industry today: the lack of allergen-friendly products that are comprised of healthful, high-quality ingredients. Its eye-catching bowls use probiotic-rich cultured coconut cream as the base for everything, and toppings like collagen-boosting coconut whip, blue majik dust, and many others can be added for an extra nutrient boost.


Though it doesn’t come cheap, at $25 a jar, The Coconut Cult’s dairy-free yogurt has earned a cult-like following for its next-level probiotic powers—the cultures are so active that the brand’s Instagram feed is filled with exploding jars. The company offers two styles of coconut-based yogurt dosed with Elemental Wizdom’s 19-strain Super Human Probiotics (the powder alone costs $90 for 50 grams): original, a lighter and looser-textured yogurt; and cream, an ultra-fluffy whipped version made with fermented mangoes and orange juice. 


In pursuit of the perfect vegan yogurt, chef and baker Anita Shepherd spent years perfecting her cultured coconut milk creation, Anita’s. She teamed up with a probiotics lab to create a proprietary blend of cultures specifically designed for coconut, with four probiotic strains and 25 billion allergen-free live cultures per serving. Given growing awareness around the important role that the microbiome plays in overall health and wellness, such dairy-free yogurt alternatives could positively impact not just digestion but also immunity and more.