Entertainment-themed exercise paraphernalia infiltrates the gym

To help fulfill young people’s desire for bigger and better IRL experiences, popular entertainment properties are being brought to life in inventive ways. Museums dedicated to entertainment properties are popping up for fans to explore, fictional restaurants are becoming physical destinations, and now fans can integrate their favorite entertainment into their workouts with thematic fitness equipment and apparel.


Fans who want to use The Force for fitness can check out three Stars Wars-themed pieces of exercise equipment from Onnit. The iron kettlebells, available in 50 through 70 pounds, resemble Darth Vader, an imperial stormtrooper, and bounty hunter Boba Fett; a weighted slam ball replicates the Death Star, whose ridges provide extra grip; and a yoga mat depicts Han Solo frozen in carbonite. The unique equipment might draw attention in the gym but would have fit right in at the Star Wars Museum.


Rather than taking on the commitment of diving into a new movie or TV series, youth are finding comfort in re-watching familiar entertainment they know and love, and many remakes have been successful as part of this trend, including the recent Beauty and the Beast remake starring Emma Watson. Fans can now run away with (or from) the Beast in the movie-inspired line of shoes from New Balance. One pair is designed for cardio-strength workouts, one for running, and one for casual wear.


Video games are no longer the stereotypical pastime of a narrow segment of the population; nearly half of Zs in the U.S. consider video games to be a passion point, and other industries have taken note. Fitness apparel company Fierce Edge has launched a line of video game-inspired athletic wear that includes rash guards, spats, and leggings to make wearers resemble cyborgs, bounty hunters, and bar-belles—common characters in their favorite video games. Available for women and men, the activewear features moisture-wicking and anti-odor fabric, UV protection, and chafe-free seams.