The self-care movement gives rise to sheet masks for the body

The momentum of the self-care movement has sparked an increase in products and services designed to help consumers relax and balance their energy, from nap cafés to healing crystals. Nearly three-quarters of Trendsetters say the ritual of taking care of themselves at home has become more important to them in recent years, and the popularity of facial sheet masks, on the rise as part of this trend, has evolved into sheet masks for other parts of the body.


Applying coffee-infused polish isn’t the only way to rejuvenate nails. Le Mini Macaron’s new Rose Nail Mask contains lavender and rose extracts to hydrate dry cuticles and brittle nails . The mask has five mini glove-like slots for each finger, and they can be separated from one another for better dexterity during the 15-minute recommended wear. The masks are especially helpful in between gel manicures, which can leave nails weak and damaged. At-home gel manicure kits are Le Mini Macaron’s main product.


Consumers have been sharing their experiences with bubbling face masks on social media, and Korean beauty company Unpa has created the Bubi Bubi Lip Mask with the same concept. Formulated with natural ingredients like papaya and grapefruit extracts, the mask is applied to one’s lips and begins to bubble and foam after a couple minutes. It removes dead skin cells, leaving lips exfoliated and moisturized. Bubbling masks are just one of many products that have helped grow the Korean beauty trend.


Oh! My Busty!? by Pure Smile is a three-step bust care mask. The first step is gommage, an exfoliant that becomes a gummy-like substance that can be peeled off when it reacts to natural skin oils. The second step is a hydrogel mask, and the third is a cream mask that helps ensure full moisturization. Most face and body masks are marketed toward women, but as the male grooming market continues to grow, there’s space for brands to introduce more pampering products geared toward men, such as foot masks.