Furniture for pets gets a design upgrade

In opposition to what’s reported in the media, Millennials are interested in home ownership. Though their ideal living situations differ from previous generations, most believe they’ll own their dream home. As Gen Ys are more likely to treat their pets like children, they’re looking for design innovations to create an ideal environment for their furry friends as well, and these new furniture lines are here to help.


The home goods store created its new LURVIG (meaning shaggy in Swedish) line, Ikea’s first line of pet products, particularly for owners who consider their pet to be a part of the family. Each piece of furniture was designed by a pet lover and is vet-approved, as well as stylish enough to be part of the main living space of the home. Shoppers can use the Ikea app with AR capability to virtually test out how products will look in their house before purchasing them.


The UK’s Blue Cross for Pets is accepting designs of artistic dog kennels from 80 designers, architects, and artists to display in a public exhibit and auction, with proceeds benefitting the charity’s rehoming center in Hertfordshire, England. Though there are currently no plans for the canine furniture to be produced for use by pet owners, the dog-friendly exhibit can be explored for inspiration, as each unique piece is specifically designed with form and function in mind. 


Minimalist in design to blend in with the interior of any home, the Dote line of furniture for felines also satisfies youth’s desire for eco-friendly products, as it’s made from recycled material and scraps. The line includes a modular wall climber, intended to give cats room to climb in small apartments, a felt blanket that can be used as a bed or shaped into a tunnel for play, and a stylish collapsible travel carrier. The designers wanted high-quality products that were also attractive.