New community-centric competitors to Soho House and NeueHouse emerge

Driven by a desire for social atmospheres that encourage human connection, 70% of Zs and 66% of Ys say that office jobs are less appealing to their generation. Reflecting this value shift, ambitious new communities are emerging to rival the likes of SoHo and NeueHouse, offering coworking and co-living spaces plus curated events that speak to a new generation of mindful entrepreneurs.


Created by Prodigy Network founder Rodrigo Niño, The Assemblage is a community of individuals who believe the world is at the verge of a collective conscious evolution, transitioning from a society defined by individualism and separation into one of interconnectedness. The community’s Assemblage Houses are the first coworking, co-living and social event spaces crowdfunded by its members, with individuals from 27 countries providing over $150 million for the initial three buildings in NYC. The first recently opened in the Flatiron next door to NeueHouse, with two more on the way.


Designed to be a global home for a global community, Habitas is a physical platform for a cultural movement in the places where its community lives, works, and travels. Its mission is to impact people’s lives in a positive and lasting way by creating deeper human connections. Membership includes access to Clubhouses in NYC, Venice Beach, Hotels in Tulum, Malibu and exotic locales like a secluded Island in the Bahamas and a wildlife refuge in Namibia. Meanwhile, its calendar of intimate trips throughout the year offers opportunities for those seeking connection and personal transformation .


Though less grand in ambition than The Assemblage and Habitas, High Court is a social wellness house set to open in downtown NYC that’s targeting the growing group of wellness-minded entrepreneurs seeking healthier forms of socializing. Currently accepting founding member interest, High Court wants to set the bar high for the next era of social house through its contemporary approach to design and hospitality and a mission to improve members' quality of life through offerings like yoga, meditation, art installations, and a carefully curated retail space.