Savory ice cream emerges as a dessert trend

Youth today prioritize spending on food and beverages, seeking the next great gustatory experience, and Zs in particular have a sweet tooth. Ice cream, a classic, is being elevated as a superior dessert with a museum of its own, plus new twists on the treat that include elements like cotton candy, unique cones, and now, savory flavors.


In honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary as an independent nation, ice cream shop Mister, known for its liquid nitrogen ice cream, created a limited-edition treat—a Smoked Salmon Ice Cream Sammie. Available only over Canada Day weekend, the ice cream was created with smoked salmon from British Columbia and sandwiched between cracker crumb wafers. Mister also produced a maple candy bacon flavor to celebrate the holiday. Many shops have taken a new approach to the traditional ice cream sandwich, though most options remain sweet rather than savory.


Pizza has long been a crowd pleaser, and people have gotten creative with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos toppings and pizza-flavored ice cream. The latter is being sold at Little Baby’s Ice cream in Philadelphia; true to its original form, the recipe is flavored with tomato, basil, oregano, salt, and garlic. Fans of the flavor have made a hybrid snack by putting a scoop on top of a pizza slice from the nearby Pizza Brain shop, and thanks to Instagram have even nicknamed it the Frankford Ave Taco.


Despite the suggestion that Millennials can’t afford homeownership thanks to the expense of eating avocado toast, it remains a popular menu item, and Ys are still finding ways to fund their dream homes. Dominique Ansel Bakery is taking its own approach to the avo toast trend with a dessert version of the dish. The ice cream is made with avocado, olive oil, and ricotta mascarpone served on top of shortbread, resembling a slice of toast. The treat is even topped with dragon fruit and raspberries, imitating the usual red pepper flakes.