Cannabis-friendly travel excursions are being offered for vacationers

Young people are changing perceptions around marijuana and those who use it, giving rise to such products as cannabis-infused beauty products and marijuana as menstrual relief. As more places begin to legalize recreational marijuana use, the “canna-tourism” industry has been growing and introducing new experiences for tourists.


After Maine legalized recreational marijuana use in 2016, the owners of Maine Greenyards purchased the cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast, located on 16 acres in Auburn, instead of opting to become vanlifers. Guests are greeted with a goodie bag filled with marijuana grown on-site and are invited to indulge in activities such as hiking and amenities like an indoor pool and hot tub. The owners envision the estate as a winery of weed, with guests taking tours, learning about the growth and production process, and sampling the product.


Bud+Breakfast partnered with Aspen Canyon Ranch in Colorado to open its largest cannabis-friendly lodging location. Camp Bud+Breakfast can accommodate 50 guests and is also a canine-friendly establishment. The ranch offers traditional camping activities like hiking, fishing, and swimming, as well as a complimentary “wake and bake” with breakfast and a daily 4:20 happy hour. In addition to marijuana and cannabis-infused cuisine, alcohol is also available. The ranch wants to be a safe place to allow guests to explore the many facets of marijuana at their leisure.


Marijuana products are entering the luxury market, including high-end travel. To celebrate Canada's legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes, Butiq Escapes is offering a “cannabis day” trip on Canada Day, July 1, 2018. Participants will take a helicopter from three different origin cities to a private mountaintop with a lake, hiking, and optional private chef, yoga instructor, and DJ. Overnight accommodations can be made, and a video of the experience is included along with a goodie bag of locally grown marijuana products.