Razor startups for women vie to become the next shaving success story

Dollar Shave Club made headlines when Unilever bought the male grooming company for $1 billion, inspiring a crop of competitors in the wake of its success. Shaving startups are now emerging for women as well, with some helping to curb the pink tax—gender-biased pricing in which products marketed to females cost more than comparable ones that are marketed to men or gender-neutral.


What Dollar Shave Club and Harry's are to men, Billie aims to be for women. The subscription service offers premium shaving and body care products at an affordable price. The first order of two razor blades, a handle, and a holder is $9, as are all refills containing four blades. Users can choose the color of their handle and the frequency of their refills, with the option to add shaving cream, body wash, and lotion. All body care products are vegan, gluten- and GMO-free. To help build brand awareness, the company is offering a "pink tax rebate" in the form of credit for those who share a referral code with friends.


Karen Young, the Founder and CEO of Oui Shave, was inspired to build a brand offering razors for women, by women, based on her own frustrations with a lack of quality options in the category. While the products come with a high price tag—$96 for a set, including a rose gold razor, 10 blades engineered to be irritation-free, and shave oil—the brand promises a more pleasant shaving experience for the higher cost. The company, which recently won funding at WeWork's Creator Awards, has a waitlist of more than 800 women.


As highlighted in our Modern Love Report, nearly four in 10 U.S. Millennials share products with their romantic partner. This was the case for Jessica Principe, the founder of All Girl Shave Club, who frequently used her husband's razor since he regularly received blades from a subscription service. Recognizing a gap in the market for women, she created All Girl Shave Club. While the pink, girly branding may be off-putting to some, the company seeks to provide an accessible, affordable product for young women. The subscription service also includes curated products, such as shaving butter and body scrubs from other women-owned businesses.