The beauty industry targets an unexpected body region

Beauty and grooming is an ever-expanding industry, with innovations in A.I. becoming popular in apps and smart mirrors, subscription services available for men and women, and inclusive product lines embracing diversity. There’s currently a newfound focus on underarm beauty, with products available to prime, brighten, and detox.


The trendiness of sheet masks for the face gave rise to masks for other parts of the body, including nails, lips, chest, and armpits. Lavanila, which produces a line of natural deodorants, among other products, presents its underarm mask as a way to detox from aluminum-based deodorants. The organic formula is applied with a brush post-shower for five minutes once or twice a week, and the mask rids underarms of buildup from aluminum, dirt, bacteria, and excess oil. Prolonged use can also even out coloration.


Organic, vegan skincare company Meow Meow Tweet created its Underarm Primer for use prior to deodorant, particularly for consumers who are making the switch to natural products. The lotion is meant to balance pH and keep irritation at bay, which can be especially bad when transitioning to a natural deodorant and the body adjusts to a new product. Specialty beauty and skincare products for specific purposes, such as withstanding a workout, are becoming more common.


Korean beauty trends and products continue to gain popularity in the U.S., and one such new product is underarm brightener. A video tutorial on YouTube shows a female consumer first rubbing an ice cube on her armpit before applying A'PIEU Deo Armpit Brightener. The thick, lotion-like product is intended to remove dead skin cells and dirt while lightening the underarm area. Users follow up by applying A'PIEU Deo Armpit Powder; the routine is meant to be done a minimum for five times for visible effects.