Oversized food takes the spotlight

As more young consumers crave food and beverages that stand out on social media, they’ve given rise to dishes and drinks in unexpected colors and presentations that are over-the-top. Lately, to further incite a wow-factor, they’re embracing eats in unusually large sizes—a countertrend to the tiny food movement that's also going strong.


While there’s no shortage of donuts in specialty flavors, it’s the size of such sweets that’s standing out these days. Bob’s Donuts in San Francisco sells a one-and-a-half pound donut that it challenges customers to eat in under two minutes, while Round Rock Donuts in Texas has a version that’s about two pounds and boasts a line of cars wrapped around the street. Meanwhile, Hans Bakery in Minneapolis has its own take on the trend with a donut that’s five times the size of its regular ones. Although these desserts are excessive, they lend themselves to being shared and cater to young consumers’ desire to have food-related adventures.


Following the popularity of rainbow dumplings, another share-worthy version is popping up at eateries across the country: giant soup dumplings that take up an entire steam basket. NYC's Drunken Dumpling sells one called the XL Xiao Long Bao that’s filled with crab, scallop, and shrimp and even comes with a giant straw to suck out the hot broth. SF eatery Dumpling Time has an equally large version called King-Dum, as does LA's Long Xing Ji. Meanwhile, China Kitchen, located outside of Atlanta, has its own take called a Monster Soup Dumpling that’s the size of six regular dumplings.


Pizza has been getting the jumbo treatment in recent months, with several shops gaining notoriety for their supersized slices. Pizza Barn in Yonkers has a two-foot-long version aptly called a Super Slice that costs $10. Several spots in D.C., including Pizza Mart and Jumbo Slice, have also amassed a following for their takes, which are baked on custom-built pizza screens and typically measure between 14 and 18 inches. In addition, this past October for National Pizza Month, Mickey’s Deli in Hermosa Beach sold a 20-inch slice.