Crystal-infused water bottles combine 'healing' and hydration

Healing crystals, once easy to dismiss as a woo-woo wellness fad, have become a booming mainstream business, with offerings like crystal-based therapy and crystal-infused beauty products proliferating in recent months. They're now popping up in water bottles as well for those seeking self-care on the go. 


A pure crystal is fastened inside each glass Glacce bottle, creating an elixir that purportedly supports a variety of benefits: Clear Quartz for energy, clarity, cleansing, and positivity; Rose Quartz for love, beauty, forgiveness, and presence; and Amethyst for calm, intuition, creativity, and sobriety. The concept for the New Orleans-based company was born out of founder Sharon Leslie’s frustration with her own makeshift version of the elixir, which involved submerging loose gems inside mason jars, a noisy and impractical habit. Today, her Glacce bottles retail starting at $80 through Free People and the company’s site.


Named the feel-good accessory of summer by Vogue, each lead-free ViA water bottle from VitaJuwel comes with an exchangeable bottom piece called a gem pod that’s manufactured by hand in the Austrian Alps. Each pod is filled with a selection of colorful, natural hand-picked gemstones the are said to promote vitality, balance, passion, and more. The company offers several gem blends that have been tested by naturopaths and are based on the insights of modern crystal healing. ViA bottles retail from $78 to $182.


Americans aren’t the only ones embracing the crystal life. In Australia, a Queensland woman’s take on the on the concept is taking off worldwide. Her company, Longemity, sells environmentally friendly bottles made from borosilicate glass using abundant natural resources that are BPA, BPS, BPF and PVC free. Longemity also offers people the ability to mix it up with interchangeable crystal-infused gem pods designed to address a variety of intentions, similar to VitaJuwel. The company offers eight main pods plus special edition pods that are released throughout the year.